God, country, family: parental alienation and the projects of sovereignty over women

The white male is the master and this requires the systematic dismantling of rights starting with women

Luisa Betti Dakli
Luisa Betti Dakli
DonnexDiritti Network International Women Director

Last night, a voice was finally given to those mothers who don’t complain about sleeping in the car, who don’t give interviews to say they go to Caritas to eat, but who have experienced the tragedy of seeing their children torn from their arms and locked up at home family for reporting their partners for mistreatment or abuse in the family. Giulia Bosetti did it who in her investigation “God, country, family”, broadcast last night on Raitre in “Presa Diretta” by Riccardo Iacona, takes a backwards path that starting from the family reform project conceived and carried forward by the senator Northern League supporter Simone Pillon, together with the associations of separated fathers, arrives at what is the real restoration project which aims to restore “an order” in which the principles of the Catholic Church become the founding points of politics,


in a transversal alignment that already has in itself the overcoming of the current government alliance – between the Lega and the 5 Star Movement – in view of a much deeper turn to the right that is taking place not only in Italy but throughout Europe and in the world, with governments such as the Polish or Hungarian ones, but also on the model of Trump and his mentor Steve Bannon (now in Rome to forge a new right-wing political class in Italy with the support of the Church), or the new president Bolsonaro in Brazil.

The attack on Human Rights

One of the strongest symptoms of this turn which places Christian values at the center as bulwarks of a restoration policy – no less dangerously than what sharia does in some Islamic countries unpopular with these same political groups – is the attack on human rights and to the self-determination of women that we see unraveling with old scripts in places, such as Italy, where the attack on the voluntary termination of pregnancy regulated by law 194 is joined by a continuous minimization of male violence against women, especially domestic violence ( the family is not touched even if the dead woman escapes us), and the attack on private spheres such as the decision to end a relationship with a divorce (which is a right), up to the rehabilitation of full male power in relation to “their own” woman and of that offspring which she has begotten for him. What can be summarized in a few words as the attempt to totally restore parental authority, long since canceled by our legal system, with the recomposition of the traditional family in which not only is there a man and a woman, but in which


Simone Pillon

who in any case will have to be submitted to the will of the father-master, even if violent and abusive, in what seems like a return to the Middle Ages. Things from another world which instead take shape in the precise analysis that Giulia Bosetti makes of the drawing law 735 proposed by Pillon in the Senate, in which children would be given fathers, even abusers and maltreaters thanks to articles 11 and 12 of the article, but in the stories of mothers who had not been given a voice so far and who instead tell chilling stories of abduction of their children in the name of non-existent diseases and theory.

Child Custody

Women from whom the right to raise their children has been taken away without accusations based on the facts, but because accused of pathologies such as hysteria or morbidity, or stigmatized through parental alienation, with Ctu (Technical Consultancy Office) on which too much often the judges are based without delving into the real life circumstances of the children, becoming accomplices of a school that by now with these concepts has created a business between psychologists, psychiatrists and compliant lawyers with often abusive or maltreating fathers who want to make those wives pay they have rebelled against their yoke, leaving and denouncing them.

Richard Garder

A non-existent syndrome, the Pas (Parental Alienation Syndrome), never demonstrated and born from the mind of an American psychiatrist, Richard Gardner, who theorized pedophilia as normal, and who silently entered the courtrooms and which for years has deprived many children the opportunity to grow up with their mothers. Through a reversal worthy of the commedia dell’arte, Bosetti reveals how behind that lament of separated fathers who claim the right to see their children kept segregated by malevolent mothers, instead there is a serious violation whereby, in the name of a claimed parental power loudly, it is becoming customary in the courts to remove minors from their mothers (something that seemed impossible in Italy before the law on custody), placing them in the family home or directly with the rejected father, even in the presence of abuses and violence convicted in criminal cases, and this is because the mother, when she warns of violence, actually lies and speaks ill of the father, thus manipulating the child. And without investigating whether those allegations are really groundless or not, law enforcement and social workers show up at home or at school, to forcibly take these minors away.

Domestic Violence
Fabio Roia

As the judge of the court of Milan, Fabio Roia, points out in his interview, domestic violence in Italy is not only not recognized but the dialogue between the criminal court, which condemns the mistreatment, and the civil, which decides the shared custody, seems non-existent. And this thanks to Ctu on which too many judges rely to take away the children from the caring parent, almost always the mother, accused of speaking ill of the other parent also, and above all, if this is accused of domestic violence.

Andrea Coffari

Dr. Serenella Pignotti and the lawyer Andrea Coffari accompany us in the tunnel of horror explaining what is behind the stories of that mother who saw her girls snatched out of school, and behind that mother to whom social services told that her children should have forgotten about their mother: a construct that has been upsetting the lives of these children for years and on which not only has no authority yet intervened but there is even a desire to introduce it into a state law, demonstrating


Antonella Penati

The tragedy of Antonella Penati, who saw her son Federico killed in a structure protected by that father who she herself had denounced because she was not believed by the services who had branded her as “exaggerated” and “alienating”, is the tip of a iceberg where the woman’s word does not count and where she is responsible for the refusal of the child and therefore to be punished: a serious re-victimization that allows these children to be killed without this leading the judges to reflect on the sentences they issue.

Vittorio Vezzetti

A circus of horrors that would become hell on earth if the Pillon bill, which governs these eventualities in articles 17 and 18, becomes law. In this regard, the words of those who contributed to writing this bill and who have been busy in parliament for years are emblematic in the investigation: the pediatrician, as well as separated father, Vittorio Vezzetti, who in a brief appearance practically erases femicide and brands it as a negligible phenomenon in our country (where a woman is killed every two days and 7 million suffer violence with an undeclared 93%).

Giovanni Battista Camerini

But above all the child neuropsychiatrist Giovanni Battista Camerini who without batting an eye confirms that the theoretical damages that would derive from the Pass are always more serious than the real damage that is done to a child by removing him from the caring parent, and perfects a masterstroke, transforming in two lines what started in 1985 as a syndrome – which later became simple parental alienation as it cannot be demonstrated and rejected by the scientific community – to simple behavioral conduct that we can call whatever we like: a vague thing on which he and his friends would send people to jail, what is evaluated as real violence unlike that reported by women who instead would be all false accusations.

Vincenzo Spavone

A pattern confirmed by Vincenzo Spavone, president of GESEF – one of the first associations of separated fathers – who in Bosetti’s investigation denies feminicide and openly declares that domestic violence “has the house keys and wears stiletto heels”: very serious statements (also disputed in the video) in stark contrast to Istat data and to the investigations of the United Nations which, among other things, have already criticized and asked Italy for clarifications on the Pillon bill for possible violations of the principles signed by Italy in several international human rights conventions.

But who really are the drafters of this bill and the associations that are trying to make parental alienation become law, which of all the points of DDL 735 is the one they have been relentlessly aiming for for years? And what connection do these people have with those who used the Pas in Italy to exonerate men accused of pedophilia? And what lies behind the attack on women’s self-determination starting from the compulsion to procreate up to total submission in a family where the boss is unequivocally the male and the children are her property? And what is the link between sovereignty and the attack on women’s rights? For this we refer to the investigation on Micromega “The Polish Drift”.


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