The damages of the Parental alienation: disputed custody and institutional violence in the courts

United Nations presents the report “Choice, violence against women and violence against children” on custody issues

Rem Alsalem, United Nations Special Rapporteur on violence against women and girls, presents the report “Choice, violence against women and violence against children” for the first time focusing on custody issues focused on the abuse of the pseudo theory of Parental alienation (Pas) and other similar pseudo concepts, at #HRC53 of June 2023.

The report addresses the knot between custody cases and domestic violence and how this is now rampant in courts all over the world causing enormous damage and violating several inalienable rights

A report that shows how parental alienation is the tool to bring violence closer and undermine the credibility of the mother who accuses of domestic violence trying to protect her children. For which the UN recommends that judges abandon the application of concepts related to parental alienation now typical of forensic psychology, and to focus on the specific facts and contexts of each case.

But what is the PAS and who uses it in the courts?

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Women punished by judges for reporting domestic violence, children forcibly torn away and locked up in family homes, false theories applied to turn the role of survivors from victims into perpetrators, mothers branded as symbiotic and therefore re-victimized in court as they were considered liars. If it is true that 34% of judicial separations in Italy contain male violence not recognized by the institutions, as reported by the Commission of Inquiry into Femicide in the Senate, the problem of the covertness of this violence must first of all be resolved in the courtroom.

A phenomenon that is not only Italian but that now involves most of the countries of the world which in their courts punish mothers who report domestic violence and sexual abuse of their children by fathers

Extract from the recording of the event-training course for journalists in the Sala Zuccari of the Senate at Palazzo Giustiniani on the reports of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry on femicide on the initiative of the senator and president of the Commission, Valeria Valente, and of the Order of Journalists of Lazio organized with Luisa Betti Dakli, Cpo of Odg Lazio and director of DonnexDiritti ft International Women.


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