International Women is the English section of DonnexDiritti Network and includes selected contents for an international audience. IW shares with DonnexDiritti the mission to explore the darkest places of the world in order to bring out difficult truths giving a voice to those who are not heard. Our primary interest is to be transparent with all the readers that follow us and our policy is to stay out of any compromise. In this way, we can ensure free and fair information.

The Network investigate discriminations, violence, abuses, trafficking, femicide and all kinds of violated rights, focusing on human rights. Our editorial staff is made up only by women, who are all professional figures as judges, journalists, lawyers, university professors, psychologists, economists, researchers, managers, contribute to create a different point of view to read facts, politics and the reality that surrounds us, through new ideas and considerations on the world.

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Luisa Betti Dakli

Investigative Journalist and Human Rights Expert, Luisa Betti Dakli is the Editor of DonnexDiritti Network and International Women. Consultant for the Equal Opportunities Commission of the Order of Journalists Lazio, she works as a teacher for the training of journalists, lawyers and magistrates regarding gender violence and secondary victimisation. She has written for the Corriere della Sera and for the Manifesto, is part of Article21 (National Network of Journalists for press freedom), and has conducted surveys and reports in Italy, Europe and the Middle East. She collaborated with the bilingual geopolitical magazine East and she actually writes with some international magazines. She served on the Commission for the Protection of Minors in the communication for the Italian Authority for Children and Adolescents, with which she published the reference volume. She has been at the Council of Europe as a speaker on “Feminicide: the role of information”, and has been the Italian representative for the Paris City Council at the international table “Femmes & Pouvoirs” on the representation of women in politics. She is a television and radio voice expert on the rights of women and children. Luisa Betti Dakli has published several essays including “The #metoo movement and the role of media” in “The workplace harrasments” (Franco Angeli), “Killed twice. The newspapers’s responsibilities” in “Stop violence: the words to say” (Giulia Journalist, Fnsi, Inpgi, Usigrai), “For an account of femicide to overcome the secondary victimisation in the media” in “Istanbul Convention e Media”, (Senate of Italian Republic Editions), “The femicide in the media”, intervention in the volume “As a Woman” edited by the President of the Chamber of Deputies for International day against violence on women. She received the Pegasus Prize March 8 “for being distinguished by her human and professional sensitivity”. She takes part to the Reports of the Ong on the women’s condition in Italy for the ONU Cedaw Committee and she contributed to the Pechino+25 Report.


Cecilia Mussoni

Photographer and Photo Researcher.

Lucrezia Cairo

Social Media Manager and team leader.

Sara Albertini

Social Media Developer and supervisor.

Elena Carloni

Content Researcher.

Rosa Cervellini

Social Media Researcher.


Paola Di Nicola

Judge of the Criminal Court of Rome, expert on violence against women and judicial stereotypes.

Giulia Bosetti

Investigative journalist, correspondent and author for Presadiretta, Rai Tre.

Margherita Carlini

Psychologist and Forensic Criminologist, Head counseling office of Anti-violence Centers.

Antonella Veltri

President of D.i.Re, National Network of Anti-violence centers, and CNR Researcher.

Anna Simone

Professor in Sociology of Law and Deviance at Political Science, University of Roma Tre.

Ilaria Boiano

Lawyer at Law Office of Differenza Donna and the Association for legal studies on immigration.

Paola Ugolini

Art critic Exibart, Screening Curator CortoArteCircuito, scientific committee AlbumArte.

Silvia Resta

Investigative Journalist, Correspondent of La7 and in Cpo of the Order of Journalists Lazio.

Teresa Manente

Criminal Lawyer with expertise in gender violence, legal department Manager for Differenza Donna.

Gabriella Pacini

Obstetrician, Freedom for Birth-RAG President, Melograno Partner and Advisor to Bellies Abroad.

Luisa Rizzitelli

Journalist, President of Assist, Director of Better Place and Differenza Donna press office.

Oria Gargano

President of BeFree, manages anti-violence centers and shelter houses for victims of trafficking.

Manuela Ulivi

Lawyer and President of the Women’s House for abused women in Milan (Cadmi).

Nadia Somma

Journalist and Advisor in the D.i.Re board, former President of the Demetra Anti-violence center.

Sabrina Fiaschetti

Civil Lawyer and family law expert for the social Cooperative BeFree legal Office.

Graziella Priulla

Sociologist and Essayist, former Professor of Sociology at the University of Catania.

Loredana Taddei

Journalist, former Head of Gender Politics National Cgil and advisor of the Ministry of Labour.

Luisanna Porcu

Psychologist, President of the OndaRosa anti-violence centre and national Secretary of D.i.Re.

Carla Quinto

Criminal Lawyer and Director of social cooperative BeFree’s legal department.

Laura Aprati

Journalist, video reporter and television author for Unomattina, Rai Uno Tv.

Loretta Bondì

Journalist, was UN High Official, directs the international projects of BeFree social cooperative.

Elvira Reale

Psychologist, Director of Centro Dafne Cardarelli, has directed the Mental Health Center of Naples.

Stefania Spanò

In art Anarkikka, author, illustrator, cartoonist, campaigns on women and rights.

Valentina Loiero

Journalist, Editor at TG5, former Head of press office at the Presidency of the Chamber.

Alessandra Praudi

Communication Consultant, Digital Media Strategist, Public relation and Media planning.

Daniela Colombo

Economist and Journalist, she was President of Aidos, an international ONG for rights.

Elisabetta Rosi

Judge and advisor for the Court of Cassation, former Deputy Chief for the Ministry of Environment.

Donatella Martini

Manager and Donne in Quota President, in the European Lobby and the Equality Network.

Eleonora Degrassi

Cinematographic and television critic, gender expert in visual imaginary.

Stéphanie Duncan

Journalist, conducts Autant en emporte l’histoire on Radio France from the studios of Paris.

Ilaria Baldini

Translator and voluntary worker at the Women’s House for abused women in Milan (Cadmi).

Mirta Mattina

Psychologist, Director of Perinatal psychology Project of the Order of Psychologists of Lazio.

Monica Lanfranco

Journalist and Trainer, Director of Marea, founded the feminist space Altradimora.

Cristiana Scoppa

Journalist and press office of D.i.Re, national Network of anti-violence centers.

Sabrina Carreras

Investigative Journalist, correspondent of Presadiretta on Rai Tre. She also worked for La7.

Judith Pinnock

Italian-English psychologist, she is an expert in languages and gender communication.

Elisa Falcone

Criminal lawyer, expert in crimes against the person in the context of contrasting gender violence.

Rosanna Oliva

President of the Network for Equality, Grand Cross Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.

Augusta Angelucci

Psychologist and gender expert, Director of the San Camillo Forlanini Hospital in Rome.

Cinzia Sintini

Psychologist, Professor at the School of Specialization in Bio Systemic Psychotherapy.


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